From Chinese food to Japanese food to International cuisine, I came back to Chinoy TV for a food trip to 2 steak houses in the busiest city in Metro Manila, Makati. Together with my Chinoy TV friends, Willord and Sumi, we braved the traffic jam in Makati to check out what’s special with the 2 steak houses.
Oh wait, I had to stop by the front door before I walk towards my ride. Our maid, one of my fans (Hahaha! I’m just kidding), took my photo for documentation purposes. :p
With Sumi Go
Two early blogger birds at the set.

First Stop: Chops Chicago Steakhouse

Years ago, O celebrated his birthday at Chops Chicago Steakhouse with me and his family. I can still remember the steaks I had, which I remember was fabulously cooked well! Grateful to be back as I prepared my appetite for a meaty steak adventure at this place.
High chairs and high tables on one corner of the room. Low and soft couches on side. Long stiff wooden tables and chairs in the middle. A variety of dining sets for different personalities in every side of the restaurant. As early birds, Sumi and I took our camera out and clicked all the way to capture shots of the room and even the chefs in action.
Chef Peter Ayson in the house to prepare the Tomahawk Steak for us!
Chops Tomahawk
Chops Tomahawk, called as the specialty of Chops Chicago Steakhouse. Made more special since the executive chef was the one responsible for grilling it for us.
Charbroiled Slab of Bacon (Php 320)
Turkey Lurkey (Php 840)
A silly name to call a Thanksgiving meat, turkey leg!
The three of us were in a state of confusion as we chose our own favorites. If you watch our episode, you’ll find out which one’s my favorite! Clue, it’s one of the dishes above.

Second Stop: The Cheese Steak Shop

A more casual dining ambiance followed the modern atmosphere of Chops Chicago Steakhouse. From Greenbelt, we rode the van and drove our way to Amorsolo Street for The Cheese Steak Shop.
A diner box where you could wear anything comfortable for a good kind of steak. Not just a slab of steak, but steak sandwiches.
Anybody who dines in could use these board games at the shop to stay out of boredom.
Cheese Steak Rice with Egg
I couldn’t stop drooling over this plate! If you have an ideal breakfast for the champions, this is the ultimate champion out of all the champions. Steak, cheese and egg, all in one for breakfast! What more can you ask for?
Pinoy Style Grilled Cheese 
I wasn’t finished drooling until Pinoy Style Grilled Cheese was served topped with salted egg! My oh my! This sandwich won my heart.
Cheese Steak Sandwich
What makes The Cheese Steak Shop set apart from other steak houses, the sandwiches fully loaded with thin grilled chops of steak. Without any doubt, Cheese Steak Sandwiches could fill up your empty food tank with satisfaction.
I’ll leave you from here foodies. I suggest you should watch our Chinoy TV episode this week, starting today!
Tell me, have you eaten in any of these 2 steak houses?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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