Do you still have your old mobile phones cluttering inside your messy cabinets?
I’m guessing we all have our old gadgets kept at home without doing anything. Through Globe’s initiative of Project 1 Phone, you can now turn that 1 phone into good deed.
Project 1 Phone is an advocacy to give awareness on what electronic wastes can do to harm our environment and to act upon this situation by properly disposing and recycling e-wastes in the country. For some of you who are new to the term, E-waste or electronic waste is any discarded electronic device (mobile phone, chargers, etc.) that may cause serious health and pollution problems to our developing country.
 Globe wants to ensure that our old phones are not unnecessarily dumped in our landfills that could bring potential environmental impacts. Through Project 1 Phone, Globe is calling for your help to donate your old phones. In this way, your old phones will be properly recycled while precious metals and plastics will be recovered for re-manufacture. Your 1 phone can save the world!
But you know, your help doesn’t stop there. By donating at least 1 single phone, your help automatically counts to rebuild schools in Aklan that were affected by Typhoon Yolanda.
For more details about Project 1 Phone, watch this video:
Imagine, your 1 phone can make a difference!
We don’t have to dress up in costumes to save the world. In our own little way, our combined efforts, our simple gesture of donating, we can prove that we are all superheroes.
I urge you to join Project 1 Phone advocacy. You don’t only help the environment but even help the community of Aklan to rebuild their homes. You just hit two birds with one stone.
Let’s live a wonderful world!
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