The world is getting smaller and smaller because of the internet. Give google a few minutes to load, and you’re immediately transported to Europe by just reading through articles and browsing though all the photos. We’re in the age of knowing more than our ancestors. With or without books, information is everywhere.
Although as a foodie, looking through your computer screen is not enough. I must taste the food for myself. That’s why it’s still in my bucket list to explore the whole world one country at a time. To not only see what’s outside of my borders but to spoil my taste buds the flavors of our world.
For now, I’m here in the Philippines to enjoy a portion of what flavors the world offers. Pizza Hut makes the world closer to Filipinos by introducing its latest and proudest Pizza innovation line called “Flavors of the World.”
The most memorized phone number 911-1111 is just a phone call away to get my boxes of pizza. As a loyal customer of pizza hut, I’m not surprised if my pizza comes in on time – not more than 30 minutes.
Pizza Hut, the home of the world-famous pan pizza, offers 4 new flavors from Japan, Italy, Germany and USA.

The 4 Flavors:

Japanese Crab Maki Pizza
Rate: 4/5
Now this is what you call pizza innovation. I often see artisan restaurants create playful pizza flavors for their customers. And every artistic innovation impresses me. However, I found it surprising for a classic pizza brand I admire, Pizza Hut, to make an effort and be adventurous with their flavors as well. The brand is already well-known, people will surely go back for their pan pizza alone. Highly remarkable for Pizza Hut to seek to magnetize their loyal pizza customers and gain more love by offering new flavors like this Japanese Crab Maki Pizza.
The flavors of Japan appeared to be an appetizer pizza due to the combination of crabsticks and chicken chunks, topped with diced fresh mango, julienned cucumber, nori stips and a splash of thousand island dressing.

Roast Beef Pizza
Rate: 4/5
The season opts me to be rewarded with the flavors of roast beef. The succulent taste of roast beef captures not only the men but the women who are bewitched by the savory flavors of this kind of beef. For Pizza Hut’s American flavor, they add fresh tomatoes, onions, mozzarella, cheddar and cream cheese.
A fearless move by Pizza Hut to make roast beef more engaging to their customers.
Italian Bacon Margherita Pizza
Rate: 4/5
The effulgent colors of fresh tomatoes, basil, imported mozzarella cheese, cheddar and cream cheese topped with bacon, raises the flag of Italy in its most delicious way. I think this is the most conservative out of all Flavors of the World. Every ingredient is dear to any pizza enthusiast.
Without tasting this Italian Bacon Margherita flavor yet, I already knew the combination will work out fine, really really fine.
German Franks Pizza
Rate: 5/5
A bold step by Pizza Hut, to be experimental with throwing in the famous flavors of Germany. Famous German franks and green bell peppers on a bed of melted double mozzarella. A drizzle of mayo mustard and potato chips as its crowning glory creates an edge to be well-loved. This German Franks Pizza have to be an excellent choice with a movie marathon at home. Merge your potato chips on your pizza and it’s just one bite away.
Every slice – from Japan, Italy, Germany and the US – took me to an elevated level of Pizza Hut experience. You can always jump in from one country to another if one flavor doesn’t qualify to your type.


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This slice is irresistibly kissable! Rather than seeing me eat this pizza, you better grab your wheels and drive to the nearest Pizza Hut. Or, dial up 911-1111 for Pizza Hut’s speedy delivery.
Have you tried any of these world-class flavors from Pizza Hut?
Share with me your thoughts foodie! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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