The Vikings Group hungers for an elevation of the buffet experience here in Metro Manila. I thought Vikings buffet is the best they can offer, shows there’s a lot more. Therefore, Vikings announces the newest go-to floor when your stomach shouts ‘buffet’ for lunch. Introducing NIU by Vikings at SM Aura Sky Park.
NIU (which means “nine” in the Viking language) is the ninth installation of the Vikings group after its arrival in the Philippines way back in 2011. 
The image of Vikings already overwhelmed me alone. Wide array of food selections, international cuisines with quality dishes and a modern spacious ambiance that fits any group of your choice. But this time, they dazzled me to the next level with their upscale experience of a buffet restaurant. Refined ambiance, world class chefs, premium ingredients, superb cuisine, fresh seasonal dishes, desserts and stellar service – some of the highlights of what to expect at NIU.
Buffet hunters, those who are looking for a place to pig out, let me give you a peek of what’s inside NIU by Vikings. 

The Buffet:

Cold Cuts & Cheese Station

I found my favorites seated on the wooden chopping board – prosciutto, salami milano and piccante. 

Japanese Station

The never ending love affair with cold Japanese sushi and sashimi is stable in my heart. I had my obligatory plate of salmon sashimi, spicy rolls and assorted maki. 
Yakitori or grilled chicken skewered chicken dipped in sweet teriyaki sauce had a place at the Japanese station. 
Shabu-shabu area to cater those who feels like making their own soup with customized toppings. 
Dragon Roll with Wasabi Aioli 
Aside from the typical sushi we can name of, NIU excites us with rare sushi finds we can only experience at NIU. 

Chinese Station

Crabs in Cream Sauce

If there is one station NIU is very proud of, it would be their Chinese Station. Compared to the existing Vikings buffet, NIU expanded their Chinese station with extra special dimsum and main dishes to choose from, and brought the whole Chinese experience to another level of quality.

Sweet & Sour Pork

Of course, you could still find the usual Chinese favorites like Sweet & Sour Pork

Fried Almond Tofu
Spotted a unique find I adored, Fried Almond Tofu.
If you have any Chinese food requests in your mind that can’t be found on the long buffet table, the chefs may be able to assist you and create them for you. 

Mad Meats Station

Men loading up with protein may head to the Meat station to have their chosen meat grilled or cooked in any way they prefer to. 
I didn’t want to keep waiting for my cooked meat so I moved to the Carving Station to get pieces of the US Prime, Leg of Lamb and Beef Ribs
On one end, I can’t resist adding a slice of Roasted Turkey, Niu Belly-chon and Salmon Coulibiac to my plate. 

Italian Station

At the far end of NIU by Vikings, you may want to walk more because that’s where you could find the Italian Station with cooked pasta and pizza. In some cases, the cooked pastas might not be appealing enough. It’s always a great idea to customize your own by requesting from their friendly chef stationed to attend to your needs.

Foie Gras 

The french won’t feel left out. Foie Gras (duck/goose liver) station is another delicate elevation of NIU by Vikings, which you cannot find at other Vikings buffet.

Dessert Station

From the entrance, the closest station comes first to entice you, the Dessert Station
The gelato station, a new station for the ice cream monsters like me, divine crafted desserts and local Filipino sweets like ‘kakanin‘, will no doubt complete the NIU cloud nine experience.

“The concept is more Chef driven, we are exposing our team to a variety of styles with different backgrounds, we have invested in state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, from a Gelato maker to our very own smoking cabinet right here in our store” says Charles Stewart Lee, Marketing Manager of Vikings Group.

The Service:

Lobster Soup
Hotels make an edge for their VIP service, treating each person like a celebrity to notice and give much attention. NIU by Vikings shows competence through their luxurious customer service, a stellar experience I may add. Each table, whoever you are in the society, is well-attended and serviced by NIU’s warm, courteous and hotel-like staff. Having its location at the peak of SM Aura, you’ll totally forget you’re actually inside a mall, not in a hotel. 

The Ambiance:

NIU designed the interior to be sleek, chic and ultra-contemporary, with dark wood tables and comfortable upholstered chairs adorned with dramatic lighting and elaborate decor in intimate dining spaces that will surely bring guests and their companions a memorable experience. 
A grand piano performance in the middle to serenade you for a more sophisticated dining experience.


Weekday Lunch – P1,088 + 5% SC
Weekday Dinner, Weekend & Holiday Lunch/Dinner – P1,388 + 5% SC
Free (Kids below 3ft or 3 years old)
3ft to 4ft / 3-7 yrs old – P288
4ft to 4 ft 6″ / 8-10yrs old – P488
3ft to 4ft / 3-7 yrs old – P388
4ft to 4 ft 6″ / 8-10yrs old – P688
Senior Citizen
50% discount for 75yrs old and above
Compared to other buffet restaurants in the metro, NIU by Vikings stand taller that could most likely compete with hotel buffets in town. Quality of food and outstanding service, two of the things to look forward. 
Are you planning your next buffet trip to NIU by Vikings?
Share with me your thoughts foodie! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: SM Aura Sky Park, 26th St. cor McKinley Parkway, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:30AM-2:30PM (Lunch) / 5:00PM-10:30PM (Dinner)

Contact: (+632) 478-3888, (+632) 847-3888, (+63 917) 586-6888, (+63 919) 999-6888

Instagram: @niubyvikings   
Budget: PHP1,200++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 9/10