The mother of cronuts comes in the picture to make you indulge with more flavors. Le Coeur de France broaches freshly baked gourmet croissants to keep your afternoons sweet and light.
Made with natural ingredients and right amount of sugar, you could take away less of your worries from your regular sugar and calorie counting.

The Flavors:

Chocolat Almondine
Rate: 4/5
The fresh aroma lingering from the Chocolat Almondine tickled me while taking snapshots of my croissants. Drizzled evenly with chocolate ganache and toasted almonds on top, the brush of gourmet to love.
Blueberry Creme
Rate: 4/5
Blueberry compote inside the crisp and fresh croissant. On top, a light drizzle of white chocolate ganache, a sweet whisk that took the blueberries to a sweet sensation.
Double Chocolat
Rate: 4/5
Inside, you’ll taste the rich chocolate mousse salivating to the outer core of the croissant. On top, a drizzle of chocolate ganache ready to take your chocolate buds to twice the choco goodness.
I thought it’s too sweet for breakfast. False alarm. Le Coeur highlighted the importance of health by minimizing the sugar content for the croissants. There wasn’t any sacrifice for taste by sacrificing less sugar used.
Every piece, equally worth indulging.
Have you tried any of these indulging croissants from Le Coeur de France?
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