A butcher shop and a pub all in one. Is that possible?
Cartoons for the young ones give an image of butchers this way – fat with a gigantic pregnant-like belly, grumpy crumpled face holding a huge scary butcher’s knife. They create a scary look with grinding knife sounds to scare off the children. I used to watch those 90s cartoons too. Hearing the name of the new restaurant at Bonifacio Global City High Street named The Butcher Shop & Pub, I suddenly remembered a general image of grumpy butchers from cartoons.
The Butcher Shop & Pub, a newly opened steakhouse at one of the side-streets of Bonifacio Global City, twirled the image of butchers in a cool and classy way. The 2-storey spot at Fort rocks with their own butcher’s corner on the first floor, a bar and spacious seats for dine-in customers. Jiving a butcher shop and a pub in one sends a message to pub hunters who opt for a drink by the bar or a meaty night to indulge.
More than its concept of unifying a butcher shop and a pub in one, I had my eyes on their food, specifically their “Make Your Own Steak.”

The Food:

Right after your office work, jump in to Make Your Own Steak from 5:30pm-9:30pm.

Simple steps to create your own steak:

1. Choose your meat – chicken, pork, beef or fish
2. Select your rubs and brush-ons – Be creative as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to mix and match weird-sounding flavors.
3. Partner your steak with pasta, salad or simple sides.
Steak Rubs
 Choose from their special rubs – Cinnamon-thyme, oregano-cumin, garlic-fennel, hungarian or bbq.

Rib Eye Steak with Cinnamon-Thyme Rub and Bourbon Brush
I advanced from the traditional favorites to the uncommon combination of steak rubs and brush-ons. I knew the normal expected rub would be hungarian, garlic or bbq. For the sake of appeasing my adventurous side, I gave a weird combination a chance. The sound of cinnamon-thyme rub with bourbon to brush-on on my Rib Eye Steak was a brave move for me. I haven’t tasted anything like yet I was confident my flavors complement each other.
Anyway, I was right about it. The spirit of Bourbon brushed on my rib eye steak created a complex and distinctive taste with its cinnamon-thyme rub. My thick slab of steak contained the rich flavors of my chosen ingredients. Even my seat-mates from Mad House Manila agrees my steak tasted good!
Rib Eye Steak with Oregano-Cumin Rub and Spiced BBQ Brush
O had his chance to show his frisky side through his steak. He also chose a piece of Rib Eye Steak rubbed with Oregano-Cumin and brushed up with Spiced BBQ. I just have to say O’s choice of using Oregano-Cumin exhibited a mediterranean zest turned us crazy for more steaks to try at The Butcher Shop & Pub. However, we have to pace ourselves. There were more dishes in line for both of us to dig in.
Cheese Selection (Php 275) & Antipasti Selection (Php 400)
Rate: 4/5
Loaded Kamote Crisps (Php 120)
Rate: 4/5
I never tried the Kamote diet for one reason, I’m not attracted to plain kamote at all. My fingers were like a non-stop machine picking on pieces of thin-sliced crispy sweet potato (kamote) with cheddar cheese, sour cream, scallions and ranch dressing. All I needed was some funky dressing to love sweet potatoes instantly.
Sausage Fiesta
Rate: 4/5
Dumaguete Sisig (Php 200)
Rate: 4/5
Dishes listed under the Longford Bar are mostly inspired by the Chef Mike’s journey from one country to another country. Dumaguete Sisig is one of them, a highly praised dish wherever I go. The crowd favorite pork sisig with green chili and aioli effortlessly impresses the pinoy taste buds. If you’re pinoy, it’s hard for you to say no to this. Unless, you’re raised outside the Philippines. You could probably leave this plate behind.
Eggplant Parmiggiana (Php 200)
Rate: 5/5
Vegetarians won’t be out of place and have something to munch at The Butcher Shop. Overheard from one of my seat-mates how healthy eggplant is. Yes, I agree to that. But staring at this Eggplant Parmigiana spills off more cheese in my mouth more than its eggplant ingredient. Its panko breadcrumbs and pomodoro blends in with the cheese scattered on every side of the eggplant.
Vegan Pizza
Rate: 4/5
Specifically identified for the vegans out there. Vegan Pizza greets you with a smile. I’m not a vegan so I will honestly tell you my opinion. For a non-vegan eater, I won’t waste my money on this. Hello!? Protein all over the place! I’d go for a mad meat eating than take vegan calories. There are other days for vegan dishes, but not at The Butcher Shop. FYI, I’m talking to carnivores. If you’re a vegan, this pizza is made just for you. 🙂
Chicken Rice (Php 350)
Rate: 5/5
Breaded Hainanese Chicken rice look exactly how Singaporeans prepare this kind of meal. Of course, broth-flavored rice had to be in the picture for the complete package. What’s new to me is its mushroom onion gravy layered on top of the breaded chicken. I give it a perfect 5 for being flawless.
The Best F^#%ing Pork & Beans Ever (Php 350)
Rate: 5/5
You made the right choice for scrolling down to this part. Why? Because your eyes are on The Best F^#%ing Pork & Beans Ever. A river bed of chunky pork and beans together with a hulking pork chop, made perfect in the eyes of every man who thinks of a power meal. To add sunshine, sunny side up egg makes it even look more colorful. The sole disappointment lies on the fact that this dish is only available from 10am-2pm. Boooooo! 🙁
Thick Cut Baileys French Toast (Php 280)
Rate: 4/5
Joining the gang of 10am-2pm meals is this Thick Cut Baileys French Toast. A medley of thick cut brioche, Baileys cinnamon batter, peanut butter whipped syrup, candied walnuts and powdered sugar. Too early to be hyped with sugar huh?
Irish Whiskey Creme Brulee
Rate: 4/5
My thickened tongue with all the food tasting from The Butcher Shop failed to appreciate the last dessert plate served. Being creamy and light on its sweetness, I had to scoop and scoop until I finally appreciate and feel the taste. 3/4 gone before I said, “Oh this is good.” Might as well go back to The Butcher Shop and Pub for another round of their creme brulee.

The Ambiance:

7 in the evening with a view of dark dim lights looking like how it’s supposed to be, a gastropub. Not actually a butcher shop.
A typical night out includes your good old buddies, mugs of your favorite beer, snacks and music to serenade. The Butcher Shop and Pub got what you need after a long day. I visited on a Wednesday, on time for live acoustic music by BGC performers. I think you’d want to think about choosing this gastropub as your next hangout spot with your buddies.
The butcher’s table welcomed with butchers in action. It’s a sight to see the butchers preparing your steaks in front of you.
Katipunan Craft Beer, the only craft beer served at the gastropub.
Modifying the impression of butchers and gastropubs, The Butcher Shop and Pub creates a noticeable mark I must say. Take note of how reasonable the prices are. Despite being at the Bonifacio Global City area, which is known as the upper east side of the metro, the gastropub managed to lower down its prices by butchering their own meat.
I’m 100% sure to bring my tummy back to The Butcher Shop & Pub. 
Will you go and try out this restaurant?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.75/10