Buddha Bar Manila brought world-renowned Japanese Chef, Chef Masato for a night of sashimi and sushi-making.
The world-class bar and restaurant Buddha Bar treated Japanese food lovers, including O and me, to witness how Chef Masato takes sushi and sashimi to the next level. To experience Chef’s cooking, watch his performance with wine, sake and Japanese beer, a ticket costs Php1,000/person.
O and I don’t spend our time in the bars. If we have a choice, we would gas up and drive to hidden foodie gems to discover yummy finds. For the sake of our favorite cuisine, we kept our Saturday night free and witness the Japanese master chef perform his sushi and sashimi tricks.

 The Venue:

In 2012, the luxury and sophistication of Buddha Bar was internationally franchised for the Philippine market. From 2012 until today, Buddha Bar kept its customers hooked to their fine modern Asian cuisine with a sparkle of fun and excitement through their endless events and promos.
Do I need to introduce you to my date tonight? This familiar face, my foodie buddy, sticks like a glue wherever I go. 🙂
Buddha Bar can be found in 25 countries, specifically in cities where cosmopolitan living is. It includes London, Moscow, Budapest, Paris, Kiev, Prague, Cairo and more.
An overview of how elegant Buddha Bar is.
We stayed at the 2nd floor, diagonal view from Chef Masato’s stage.
But before the show, we took time to chat and laugh around over wine. Buddha Bar didn’t leave us thirsty with their servings of different wines from Philippine Wine Merchants.
Our seats had this view. We just can’t remove our sight and be distracted from the numerous plates of sushi and sashimi!
The Food Scout with Buddha Bar Chefs 
Also before The Masato Show started, I had the chance to meet and greet the main man of the night, Chef Masato!

The Masato Show:

Chef Masato was introduced as Buddha Bar-Paris and Buddha Bar International’s Head Sushi Chef.
The show started off with the key ingredient Chef Masato loves – Gen. Santos Tuna that weighed 40 kilos!
The happy-faced chef showed us the art of authentic Japanese sashimi and sushi by preparing in his kitchen, right in front of us.
Fresh, firm and heavenly! Japanese chefs like Chef Masato don’t settle for low quality ingredients in creating their masterpiece. According to chef, fresh sushi and sashimi are often pricey because he only chooses tuna meat that are appropriate with its best quality. From what he served to us, only less than 50% of that 40kg fish was used.
While being entertained by the chef, my stomach can’t help but shout for help as if it wants a piece of what Chef Masato was creating. The show didn’t let us suffer by only enticing us and not feeding us. As we watched, we were served freshly made recipes by Chef Masato and his team.

The Food:

Assorted Tuna and Salmon Creations
What I love dining in beaches is the fact you eat what you see in that sea. In other words, fresh! The element of freshness from each sushi had me clamouring for more of Chef Masato’s fresh sushi. The experience of each sushi tasted complete but not enough for me since my appetite for sushi is beyond normal.

Salmon with Special Sauce
My favorite from Chef Masato’s creations. His special sauce, a merge of sweet and spicy flavors, complimented the fresh sashimi on sticks.

Tuna with Buddha Bar Sauce
The signature sauce of Buddha Bar on top simple slices of tuna sashimi was simply heavenly. Whatever they used in that sauce, I found it spotless for the fresh sashimi.

Tuna with Caviar
For more sophistication, caviar says it all. A fine plate that ends our sushi experience by Chef Masato.

Dalandan Sorbet
To cleanse our palate, a tiny scoop of Dalandan Sorbet was given.
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Thank you Jorge of Philippine Wine Merchants!
For a night of cosmopolitan dining, don’t miss out Buddha Bar Manila.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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