Juicing, a fad, a trend or whut? Taking health seriously should never be just a trend or a phase in one’s life. Since the juicing industry is slowly taking over instagram accounts of female celebrities, followers of these celebrities want to be in and join the fad of juicing. Mostly ladies are more aware of this alternative to be healthy. I’d say this is good for any woman’s lifestyle. However, one simple bottle is not priced like a can of coke. You pay more for treating your body the healthier way.
The woman behind Nourish Juice, Chloe, saw the need of juicing. It all started with a juicer her dad bought. That juicer was too powerful for making Chloe realize that most Filipinos, including herself, don’t get enough amount of fruits and vegetables. The business side in her started to move when she thought of squeezing juices for those who want to be healthier without sacrificing their budget. Nourish Juice aims to help Filipinos live a healthy lifestyle with their juices that doesn’t empty your pockets at the same time keep a nourishing tasty drink.
Nourish Juice believes in pure and good health, not far from what I believe in. Through cold-pressed, all-natural fruit and vegetable juice, Nourish Juice delivers healthy yet tasty bottles of juice to your doorsteps.
I finally gave into juicing. Yiiipeeee! After months of planning what juicing brand to try, aside from making my own juice at home, I finally tried juicing!

The Juices:

Opulent Orange
My number one favorite, the only orange-colored juice with a mix of orange, sweet potato and carrot. Opulent Orange, perfect for the sickly as it boosts your immune system, restores the liver and helps build eyesight, bones, skin and nerves. More than what it does, the mixture of orange, sweet potato and carrot kicked in for a very smooth taste that I enjoyed ’til its last drop.

Radiant Red

Simple combination of watermelon and orange. Similar to what I order from Fruit Magic or other fruit shake stands. This drink fits my lifestyle since Radiant Red is great for weight loss, prevents cardiovascular disease, alkalizes the body and high in
anti-bacterial properties. As you can observe from my posts, The Food Scout needs to treat her body well due to feasts all day, everyday.

Revitalizing Red
Beet, apple, carrot and ginger had a combination that was not endearing at first drink. Eerie to drink once more but I had to finish it, for its health benefits – rich in anti-cancer properties, good for the eyes, heart, liver and kidneys & builds stamina; this bottle has anti-inflammatory properties too. Surprisingly, my second drink didn’t give me a strange feeling anymore. I got used to the taste right away. It wasn’t bad after all! I guess the first try shocked my taste right away and wasn’t ready for an unusual combination.

Golden Green
Green is the color of being healthy. First on this green edition, Golden Green, blends in cucumber, melon and cabbage to protect vision, relieve heartburn, help cure kidney disease, rehydrate the body and relieve muscle soreness.

Glowing Green
Cucumber, malunggay, spinach, apple, ginger and lemon, all in one juice drink to supply your body’s needs, particularly in hydrating the skin. Anything good for the skin catches my attention. With my naturally dry skin, I’d need nutrients that will keep me hydrated, aside from water. Another health benefit of Glowing Green that caught my attention is the weight loss factor with its assistance to increase energy levels. My morning workouts require juices like this to allow my energy to be sustained, not losing it in the middle of my body workout game.

Green Gusto
Composed of pineapple, grape, celery and romaine. Another weird combination from Nourish Juice I liked. The power of fruits and vegetables in one drink can supply your need of B vitamins, potassium, vitamin A and C. It even lowers blood pressure and helps reduce bad cholesterol.

TIPS for a Full-on Nourish Juice Cleanse:
1st juice – Green Gusto during breakfast, Organic Tea – midmorning
2nd juice – Opulent Orange or Revitalizing Red during lunch
3rd juice – Opulent Orange or Revitalizing Red
4th juice – Golden Green
5th juice – Radiant Red
6th juice – Glowing Green during dinner, Organic Tea before bedtime
Consume only the juice to give your digestive system a break and to detoxify fully.
1 day package (6 bottles 250 ml, 2 teas, thermal bag, delivery) – Php 1175
2 day package (12 bottles 250 ml, 4 teas, thermal bag, delivery) – Php 1975
3 day package (18 bottles 250 ml, 6 teas, thermal bag, delivery) – Php 2775
For Solo bottles only:
Php 125 for 250 ml bottle; Php 195 for 350 ml bottle
Minimum: 6 bottles per order for the solos + delivery fee of Php 100 – Php 175.
Once you receive your juices, store them in the fridge immediately.
Take note that shelf life is 3 days only.
*Nourish Juice delivers from Monday to Saturday in the afternoon.

Caution: diabetics, those with kidney disease and other serious ailments should
first seek approval from their physician before cleansing. Pregnant and lactating
women are discouraged from cleansing because their bodies require more
calories from food.
Do not underestimate the power of juicing. Staying on the natural and healthy side of life is still the best option in living.
With Nourish Juice in the market, you have the chance to switch to juicing at a more affordable price.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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Originality 8/10
Packaging 8/10
Taste 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.5/10