The society expects all women to learn how to cook. But nowadays, we encounter women who are very alien to their kitchens. They stop in front of the fridge or the pantry cabinet, that’s it. That’s reality. I’m not a cook and I don’t normally cook but I know how important it is to learn how to cook, especially if I have plans to have my own family in the future. Being used to a home with a helper, I don’t deny that I often rely on our own helper in preparing what I want to eat. But then, I still try to. With so much effort, I try to learn to master homecooked dishes.
Weeks ago, O and I had the privilege to be part of a cooking demo sponsored by Nestle’s Maggi Magic Sarap. Oh my, I was so thrilled to attend this event and take down notes. O and I made sure we were at the venue right on time for us not to miss a single detail of that cooking demo.
Held at Nestle’s Julius Maggi Kitchen, I expected to sit down and listen to the chef talk and cook. We entered the room and each of us were given aprons and chef’s hats. Wow! I didn’t know that part of the plan. It was a mix of excitement and reluctance to cook with my fellow bloggers. Excitement because I’m in the mood to learn and reluctance because of failing to do it properly. Well in the end, it was still a push. Hehe. A boggling mix of emotions were just part of it.
Nestle’s Nutritionist – Ms. Aleli
Anyway. The program started with a short talk about nutrition care of Ms. Aleli, Nestle’s resident nutritionist. What struck me the most was the element of Mo-Va-Ba in one’s healthy diet.
Nestle’s MOVABA plate means…
1) MOderation – neither in excess nor too little
2) VAriety – no single food contains all nutrients
3) BAlance – Go, Grow and Glow, the proportion of food groups we learned in elementary school.
If you don’t want to get fat easily, follow Nestle’s nutritious structure.
Cooking Time
Chef Eric, Nestle’s resident chef, and his team took over the floor and the kitchen after a brief background of what Nestle promotes, healthy eating and maintaining a well-balanced diet. Before getting our hands dirty in our own mini kitchen tables, Chef Eric had to orient us, his students, the essentials in cooking. In our case, this was Cooking Eggs 101, with the use of Maggi Magic Sarap.
Attentive students watching and observing Chef Eric cook. Took my 5-second break time, just to take our photo. 🙂 Hehe.
All the ingredients for our 5 Egg recipes. As you can see, there are 5 trays on the kitchen table. One tray represents one recipe. If you can notice, aside from the eggs, one major ingredient in making your eggs bette is Maggi Magic Sarap.
*Maggi Magic Sarap is a good alternative to salt. Why? Using this all-in-one seasoning makes every meal more tasty by reducing the amount of salt content in our food. Salt contains both sodium and chloride. Too much of sodium can make a person retain more water and this leads to weight gain and increase in blood pressure. Just a small amount of Maggi Magic Sarap, a simple egg transforms magically to a more tasty one that brings out its flavor.
Chef Eric’s demonstration in cooking eggs seemed fun and more manageable that I thought it would. After every recipe cooking demonstration, we walk to our small kitchen tables with our group. From the start of the cooking demo, we were already divided in groups with 1 Nestle cook assigned to each table to assist the amateurs like our group.
Speaking of amateurs, this is my specialty I guess, beating eggs. Hahaha!
O took out his kitchen skills and showed the group he can really cook. 🙂
Ladies and gentlemen, here are the 5 Egg Recipes with the use of Maggi Magic Sarap.
Maggi Magic Sarap Sunny Side Up Egg
I forgot to mention that before the whole cooking demo, Chef Eric asked us to gear up and cook our own version of eggs. His simple instruction was to cook how we normally cook eggs. After watching him, I realized that the simple way of cooking egg is really not that simple. There’s even science in the  basic cooking of eggs. He also made us realize that adding Maggi Magic Sarap, instead of salt does magic, taste wise.
Maggi Magic Sarap Scrambled Eggs
I thought my scrambled eggs are the best. Turned out, Chef Eric’s Scrambled Eggs with Maggi Magic Sarap beat mine.

Maggi Magic Sarap Egg Salad
To make your egg salad more healthy, following the MOVABA plate of Nestle, try to make use of greens and other veggies for a total balance of health and yumminess.

Maggi Magic Sarap Omelet
Two versions of Omelet, American Omelet and French Omelet. American Omelet looks easier as you fold it once, fold it in half. While French Omelet has to be folded in the pan thrice, looking more chunky.
Maggi Magic Sarap Fritata
Fritata, the hardest egg recipe that afternoon. This fritata challenged us to be more like chefs with the twists and turns of the pan.
*For more egg recipes, you could check out Maggi Magic Sarap sachets with recipes printed on the back. The Maggi webpage is also another website to check for recipe references and guide to a more magical home-cooked meal.
Not just foodies but chef-ies. Uh, Whuuut?!
To get thing more seriously… Thank you Nestle for sharing the good news in cooking our meals. Thank you for letting us use the Julius Maggi Kitchen and feel like egg chefs. 🙂
To turn a plain and dull home-cooked meal to a more magical meal, try to use Nestle’s Maggi Magic Sarap. Your all-in-one combination of seasonings in one sachet.

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Pray, Eat and Love.
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