Back to the days when O and I were still dating, a bible study we used to attend had a group activity that involved a crowd of 50 singles to participate. The host gave general questions to everyone wherein the singles, including us, should share our answers to the group. Separated in groups, O and I shared our answers to our respective groups. The memorable question went like this, “What is one food and drink you can consume for a lifetime?” It was an easy peasy question for me and gave my confident answer to my group, “Sashimi and Water”. When the host walked around to the groups and asked a representative to give an answer, he happened to ask O and guess what O answered. A surprise for me when he answered “Sashimi and Water” as well. The ladies in my group screamed, “Oh my gosh!”. So the host noticed and the rest of the singles in the room. Well, that was one of the cute moments O and I had. After that activity, we laughed and talked more about Japanese food because of that discovery how much we are both into Japanese food, especially fresh and raw Sashimi.
O and I blazed in delight when we found out about the relatively new Japanese restaurant along Kalayaan and Makati Avenue, Genji M (M for Makati). Since its opening in October 2013, Genji M has been getting attention from Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Filipinos. The strategic location with its big Genji M sign gets cars to stop by and check what’s this authentic looking Japanese restaurant serves. O and I didn’t want our curiosity hang any longer. We took the chance and opportunity to explore this little world of Genji M.
The Food:
What to love about Genji M is their Eat-All-You-Can Japanese food! You read that right, they’ve got premium Unlimited Sushi, Sashimi and Rolls for hungry Japanese foodies like  O and myself.
But first thing’s first before we get to drown ourselves with Japanese food, the server handed us out refill papers. One for Rolls, one for Sushi and one for Sashimi. Initially, only one set of refill papers are given to each table, limiting the orders to 10pcs per dish. If you wish to order another set of sushi, sashimi or rolls, you can ask for another set of refill papers. Again, one set isn’t given per person but per table.
The Quick Boom of Genji M
In just less than a year, Genji M made improvements or what they call the quick boom with their change of management, change of head chef, and change of systems. All these changes towards a goal of bringing better food and service to their customers. Again, Genji M wants to assure that customers get the quality they deserve by not hurrying up on their food service. Besides, Genji M is not your fast food restaurant.
Fresh Japanese food is being emphasized at Genji M. The rising Makati star cooks upon your order. They are aware that it takes time for your food to arrive since Genji M team assures they don’t let food stand by in the kitchen. To keep its freshness, they work as efficient as possible to serve you the quality Japanese plate you deserve. They don’t stop seeking methods to minimize customer’s waiting time.
Unlimited Assorted Sashimi
Rate: 5/5
Quality gets to be sacrificed most of the time in buffets. Fortunately for Genji M, quality and quantity are joint in one heavy package. Being the Japanese restaurant that claims to be “Home of the Tuna“, Genji M stays true to its word with its lusciously fresh tuna and salmon sashimi in every bite. In this boat of Unlimited Assorted Sashimi, my favorites are the Tuna Sashimi, Salmon Sashimi and Maguro Tataki (half-cooked tuna).
Unlimited Assorted Sushi
Rate: 4/5
Overwhelmed with the amount of sushis in front of me, thinking I would be stuffed and couldn’t taste each type. I underestimated myself and I was able to try everything served to us. Again, quality is pierced in every sushi served. The word freshness will always be experienced in this wooden cart of Unlimited Sushi. For this batch, my favorites are their Inari (baked tofu), Ika (squid), and Soft Salmon (half-cooked salmon).
A La Carte:
Aside from unlimited sushi, sashimi and rolls, Genji M gives you the option to choose form their A la carte menu. What you can see on their A la carte menu mirrors their Delivery Menu.
Crazy Crispy Roll (Php 100)
Rate: 4/5
From traditional to a more complex roll results to this Crazy Crispy Roll I got crazy for. Shredded crabsticks on top lifted the ordinary sushi to the next level.
Ebi Tempura (Php 300)
Rate: 4/5
I loved the sound of crunch as I cut or munch a piece of Ebi Tempura in my mouth. The freshness of prawns creates a more appetizing experience even if I was already filled with raw Japanese food as my main meal.
Jeyuk Bokum (Php 350)
Rate: 4/5
According to O, drinking Soju with Jeyuk Bokum match perfectly. The sweet blend of Jeyuk Bokum balances with the unique strong taste of Soju.
Pork Tonkatsu (Php 250)
Rate: 3/5
Chicken Yakitori (Php 120/3 sticks)
Rate: 4/5
Samgyupsal / Pork Belly (Php 350)
Rate: 3/5
Korean Buffet
Genji M caters a small Korean buffet on the side to their loyal Korean customers and to those who want to add on some Korean spices on your table, other than their satisfying Japanese cuisine.
*Avail any of Genji M’s Unlimited Japanese menu and you are entitled to squeeze in some dishes from the Buffet Table.
Fresh Soju and Chum-Churum Soju (Php 200 each)
San Miguel Draft Beer (Php 70)
For the alcohol seekers, go global or local with their Fresh and Chum-Churum Soju or San Miguel Draft Beer as your meal partner.
The Ambiance:
Genji M is very noticeable, especially at night with its eye-catching sign and well-lighted front ambiance.
Inside, you won’t be mistaken you’re in a Japanese restaurant as every spot your eye catches is a resemblance of how authentic Japanese restaurants look like.
If you can’t dine in, Food Delivery to your home or office is always a possible option! Quickly call 212121 and have your food delivered wherever you are in Metro Manila!
How do you differentiate bad service from slow service? Genji M is in the works to serve you fresh sashimi, sushi and rolls as quick and efficient as they can. But please don’t expect them to be like a fast food chain that serves you food in an instant. The kitchen does not sleep when you’re there. I witnessed how assertive, accommodating and sensitive the servers are to their customers. Just drink some patience in case it gets really slow. Besides, there’s a photobooth by the door you can use while waiting for your order.
Price List:
Ready, Set, Go Lunch Promotion:
Monday-Thursday (11:30am-2:00pm)
20mins for Php 120/person
40mins for Php 200/person
60mins for Php 240/person
Each table will be given a timer, exactly what I’m holding in the photo above. The buffet timer starts once you get your food from the buffet table and take a seat. If you wish to bring friends with you, everyone in that same table should get the same lunch buffet promotion.
*Buffet includes: 6 main dishes, salad, rolls and maki, one (1) glass of Iced tea, House tea and Miso soup.
Unlimited Dinner Promo:
4:30-6:00pm – 20% discount
6:00-8:00pm – 0% discount
8:00-9:30pm – 10% discount
Good News foodies!!!
PRINT OUT Genji M’s P250 FREE MEAL COUPONS and present to the staff upon ordering!
(Print both Front & Back)
*Coupons can only be used in cash transactions
*Valid only for Regular Unlimited Sushi menu
*Terms & Conditions Apply

Meet Genji M’s new Filipino chef, Chef Ruel. You’d easily notice him at the front kitchen as he greets every customer with his warm smile and entertaining personality.
O and I weren’t mistaken to take an evening drive to Genji M. Riding the boat and fishing for unlimited Japanese sushi, sashimi and rolls seemed to be the kind of dinner we were looking for.
How about you? Are you looking for a new Japanese restaurant to explore in the Makati area?
Let me know what you think! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 8445 Kalayaan Ave. corner P. Burgos St., Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00am-10:00pm (Mon-Fri); 11:30am-10:00pm (Sat-Sun)
Contact: (+632) 804-2883 / (+63) 906-301-9153
Instagram: @genjimanila
Budget: PHP500++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 8/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 8.5/10