Being inventive on food is a developed trait that cannot be removed amongst us.
With the presence of food all over the world via social media, our growth on food knowledge have expanded and grew. We constantly get ideas on the various dishes each cuisine has. We learn how to cook and make such recipes even without traveling all over the world. I’m not removing the fact of traveling, but there is easier access to everyone in getting the knowledge on how food is served.
Recently, I was given a package from Instaballs. Wait, what is Instaballs you may ask. It’s not connected to Instagram ok? The package looked ordinary to me at first. It was just plain squid balls you can get off the shelves. But when I saw its sauce attached to it, I became interested to try it right away and see how inventive Instaballs try to be.
According to how they define themselves, Instaballs is a new street food brand that aims to deliver quality product and efficient ready-to-go stop that would satiate the appetite of every hungry bystander. In short, it’s the new taste and twist of squid balls. Instaballs uses Chicken Balls instead of squid balls. A merge of Filipino, Chinese and Thai. Also more like an idea of taking our favorite local street food to the next level. Instaballs try to be inventive by adding a twist to this local favorite.
The twist of Instaballs Streetfood Station’s Special Hong Kong Curry Sauce drove me away from the traditional sauce of this famous Filipino street food. Mixing the Eastern culture altogether in this snack.
The special Hong Kong curry sauce was packed in a thick plastic bag. I didn’t get disoriented on what to do as it was very simple to heat and cook this special sauce. Plus, the package has instructions sticked on. You won’t get lost by following the step-by-step on how to heat up the sauce correctly.
Fresh from the freezer, the curry sauce looked this way. You’ll know when the sauce is cooked and heated once the hardened curry texture dissolves.
The pan needs to be heated before deep frying the chicken balls. It’s your choice whether to brown the sides or leave it cooked lightly and evenly.
The sauce that sets this chicken balls apart from the rest. This is the recipe that gives more flavorful option to how you munch on either your squid or chicken balls.
The end product of my cooked Curry Balls!
A new taste to the traditional favorite squid balls. This Instaballs Streetfood Station’s Special Hong Kong Curry Sauce is good enough for any of your Filipino chicken balls and other imported meat balls.
Deep fry and try it for your homes. A new way of eating chicken balls is here for you!
Pray, Eat and Love.
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