Have I told you Christmas is my favorite season? This statement could sound like a cliché to you but I won’t take it back. Coming from my heart, Christmas boosts out the joy in me. The season showers our surroundings with smiles and laughters on people’s faces. Colorful and bright lights perk up any sorrowful man. Enchanting and meaningful Christmas carols serenade us like a lullaby. The gifts, oh the gifts, it’s the reason why I spend so much every December. Haha!
A few days ago, just last Sunday, I rushed to Eastwood City Mall Park to celebrate my favorite holiday with Alaska’s Merry Cremas festival. From my godson’s birthday party in Greenhills, I took out my stocked energy for a festive event filled with what I love, food!

Merry Cremas Festival

Alaska’s annual Merry Cremas Festival is FREE for all! A family event where nobody gets left behind. Although it requires a little (eensy weensy one) patience in lining up and signing up. During my experience, the line didn’t go crazy long as to how H&M opening line was.
At the said festival, over a dozen purveyors have their own booths to showcase their sweet or savory products. Being very generous this Christmas, these merchants gave out free samples to everyone as long as they have their Alaska passports, which were given after signing up by the entrance. I don’t think nobody left the festival with a pouted uneasy face.
Nope, I wasn’t the organizer nor a supervisor. I was chosen as one of the judges, wherein I had to rate and try all booths given these criteria – Food Presentation (25%), Use of Alaska Crema (25%) and Taste (50%). It’s the taste that counts the most!
Frozen Mango Cake
It’s the simplest dessert that hit our sweetest spot. Matty’s Mango Cake by Cuppycakes by Carmen was nothing really new. I guess the composition of its balanced sweetness, blended with mango slices and cold temperature made it remarkable as a whole.
Meat Loaf ala Mary
The Serving Spoon’s Meat Loaf ala Mary landed as my Top 2 choice. By the way it was presented, the luscious meat flavor and the unique use of Alaska Crema translated to a dish that had my approval.
Also beside The Serving Spoon was Kuya Pao’s, who showcased their hot Pumpkin Soup. O and I had a difficult time taking a photo of that soup but we both couldn’t forget how it made our thumbs turn up. Rich taste of pumpkin that had its creamy texture. The pumpkin soup made it to our Top 3!
I got punished for being late at the event. Blue Toque ran out of free samples for their Alaska Crema creation, which was the Strawberry Panna Cotta with White Choco Mousse.
Malunggay Carrot Cake
I spent about 2 straight hours walking around and tasting recipes with Alaska Crema as an ingredient. By the time I was half-way food tasting, I realized how creative Filipinos are with how they can incorporate this all-purpose cream, whether it’s a sweet or savory dish.
Chicken Empanada / Isaw with Rice
Red Velvet Cup / Lemon Cake
Christmas Pop Cakes / Chocolate Pasta 
After tasting the Alaska Crema recipes made by each merchant, I suddenly had the urge to use the same ingredient for my lunch the following day. Well well well, look who got inspired from that one single food event. 🙂

Cooking with Alaska Crema

My turn to create my own dish using Alaska Crema all-purpose cream.
Would you guess what I made? Actually, I made Penne Carbonara with chicken and mushroom and ampalaya on top to reduce the guilt. Hehe.
Alaska Crema Penne Carbonara 
You can’t go wrong in making your meals more interesting and creamy, in a positive way. Achieved the Carbonara I was aiming for! YAY! 🙂

Thousands of recipes can be made using this powerful ingredient, Alaska Crema. If you are inspired to cook on your own too, you could download Alaska Crema’s app, available to all android users.
Have you tried creating your own dish with Alaska Crema?
Share with me your thoughts, foodie! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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