Life in the office could be repetitive. I don’t know what your job is, but whatever it is, your job can go in a cyclical manner that tends to be tedious at times. Unending meetings, day-to-day problem solving, and all sorts of actions to perform at work. In summary, quite tedious at times.
What spices up your day-to-day routine is probably my favorite thing in this world, Food!
Lunch breaks, an hour of giving yourself a break and fuel yourself with energy through food. It is an hour of “good time” in the midst of your busy schedule at work.
One of my lunch breaks, what spiced up my day was the Korean fried goodness brought to me by BonChon Chicken delivery.
BonChon’s best-sellers all in one package!
Who could resist a lunch break like this???
I thought I’ll be playing my favorites. When I saw the box of Crispy Squid Rice, I put my eyes on it right away. But then, I tried BonChon’s Chapchae
Chapchae (Php 75) 
Rate: 4/5
I should add Chapchae to my favoritism list in BonChon. The sweet and sesame style of this Korean fried noodles got me hanging. I had one cup of it without trying the other dishes yet. Chapchae is a popular Korean recipe that I love. I am so satisfied with this noodles alone! The mixture of soy sauce, garlic and sesame oil worked out more than fine. For only Php75, I am surely getting more of their Chapchae!
Crispy Shrimp Rice (Php 125) 
Rate: 3/5
A new addition to BonChon’s menu is this Crispy Shrimp Rice.
From the word crispy, my box of Crispy Shrimp Rice was about to get tired of being crispy. I didn’t get to try its crisp anymore.
BonChon Chicken Chops
Rate: 4/5
The reason why BonChon is famous! When BonChon chicken chops was introduced to the Philippines, I remembered how crazy the lines were just to get their plates of this Korean fried chicken. There was madness in all branches. Where BonChon was, there the line was.
Now, BonChon has expanded and lines got shorter but the people are still crazy over this fried chicken. My mom is one example. She is not a fast-food type of person. Although, the word BonChon rings a bell to her and somehow calls her to get hungry for some reason. She lines up and waits to be seated just like everyone else. Mom loves the crunchy with sweet and spicy blend of BonChon. She won’t go wrong with her meal with any fried food from BonChon.
Crispy Squid Rice (Php 125)
Rate: 5/5
Did I tell you earlier that Crispy Squid Rice is where my pennies go to?
A replica of calamares only the sauce is more appealing. Inside the crispy batter is a soft squid that requires no effort in chewing. Just like their chicken you can choose from their sweet or spicy sauce. I go for their spicy sauce but tell them in advance to adjust the spiciness level to mild. Rice lovers will not be disappointed by the way. Generous amount of rice, more than 1 cup of rice!
Fish Taco (Php 75) 
Rate: 4/5
For those who are conscious of their greens, Fish Taco is for you. For your trimmed down meals, get your fish instead, with chopped veggies and mayo as dressing. The signature of BonChon is still evident with its crispy fried fish enveloped in this taco wrap. I find their Fish Taco my kind of on-the-go snack. If you’re unlucky and your lunch break seems like a restroom break, then a taco is your kind of snack.
Meet my colleagues:
Spending our lunch break at the pantry with our BonChon meals! Thanks to BonChon for spicing up our day.
BonChon favorites right in front of me!
Meet my colleague Mariejo, another BonChon lover! 🙂
Worried about BonChon’s long queue?
This is the remedy for you.
Call on BonChon’s Delivery Hotline and let them come to you instead!
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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Originality 9/10
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Taste 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.5/10