I’m a late bloomer in posting my review about Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha. Before I tried it, I was already hearing numerous comments from left to right, up to down, about either they were amazed by Jollibee’s newest burger or the other way around. It took several weeks for me to decide if it’s about time for me to get my hands on that piece of burger. When my sister Reine and I were left by our parents in Megamall, we pondered on what to do aside from window shopping. I didn’t want to go around because of people swarming all over. It was a Sunday so the large crowd in every floor was expected. We both decided to sit somewhere and just wait for our parents to finish their d-group (group at church). It was my ‘bright’ idea to eat instead. Where to eat? The answer was clearly Jollibee. I’ve been itching to get my hands on that Amazing Aloha Burger. It was about time!
Jollibee branch at Megamall was packed with families. We were lucky to get a table as soon as we entered. As soon as the waiter served me my Amazing Aloha, I opened it and speculated what’s so amazing about it. First impression, the photo on the ads and commercials are way far from how it realistically looks. I expected that, so nothing new about that observation.
Amazing Aloha Burger with fries & drink (Php 135)
Second impression, I didn’t stare at it anymore and pushed my mouth to bite that Yum burgers with pineapples. The taste of pineapples didn’t overpower the burgers but the burgers overpowered the pineapples leaving it with 15% taste of pineapples only. Jollibee’s burger patties are too strong for an ordinary pineapple to strengthen its tropical taste on the whole burger.
Amazing Aloha Burger Solo  (Php 99)
I’m not saying I didn’t like Amazing Aloha. I just don’t think the word “Amazing” is appropriate for it. Amazing is a strong word I use for things that I find amusing and impressive.
The burger is satisfactory, good enough for a fast-food burger and its price. I like the combination of ingredients in one burger. Sounds premium for a fast food type of burger.
The burger includes 2 Yum beef burger patties, crispy bacon bits, lettuce, cheese and of course, the ingredient that makes it Aloha, fresh round pineapple slice.
 In general, it’s still something I will order from Jollibee but not something I will rave about.

This is just my opinion about Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha.
How about you? Have you tried Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha burger? Let me know what you think!

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Pray, Eat and Love.

The Food Scout

Location: 3/F Megamall Bldg. A, EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Budget: PHP99++

Originality 8/10
Packaging 8/10
Taste 7/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 7.75/10