In the world of food blogging, discovering new restaurants and dishes is part of our lifestyle. On my part, I started food blogging because of my passion for scouting and sharing NEW dishes, NEW restaurants, NEW places, etc. Whenever I discover something new, I get this thrill and excitement to share it with my family, friends and readers. I can be chismosa only when it comes to Food!
Recently, a new cupcake business gave me the privilege to try their homemade goodies. Sweet Mamita, based in Paranaque, came all the way to San Juan to let me enjoy these cupcakes I will be sharing with you. Just to let you know, these cupcakes made my night during the time I was exhausted from office work. Comforting and helped my stress divert into a Sweet Mamita night. Don’t hate me for raving about these cupcakes. Sweet Mamita is now on my list of favorite cupcake stores.
Upon seeing the simple package of Sweet Mamita, I really thought it will be just another cupcake business like the many others out there. There was nothing spectacular with the packaging. The logo is chic and simple, which complements its catchy name.
My speculations were merely speculations. Sweet Mamita left me speechless for a while when I was trying to examine their cupcakes. But I will try not to be speechless to give you an idea of Sweet Mamita’s interesting goodies. As I said earlier, it is worth raving about these cupcakes.
The Classic (Php 45)
Rate: 4/5
How sweet, right? Sweet Mamita made this specially for The Food Scout! 🙂 It is a simple yet thoughtful gift you can give your loved ones. Anything personalized makes a simple thing more special. Taste wise, the flavor of their classic buttercake with vanilla buttercream frosting was not overly done. A light and easygoing cupcake for those who prefer the classics.
Double Trouble (Php 50)
Rate: 4/5
Yes, double trouble calories for weight conscious readers. While indulging, you wouldn’t notice you are already finishing one cupcake of Double Trouble. It may be sweet like other chocolate cupcakes but what I like about their cupcakes is the right amount of sugar they put to make sure your sugar count won’t bring you to the hospital. Double Trouble is the subtle way of making someone fat.
Calamansi Delight (Php 50)
Rate: 4/5
A month ago, Boracay’s Calamansi Muffins made my Boracay getaway sweeter. Raving about their Calamansi muffins is very natural for me. When Sweet Mamita told me they have Calamansi Delight cupcakes, I prepared to be delighted by those sweets. Good news, their Calamansi Delight didn’t frustrate at all. It was a mild version of muffins from Boracay. The advantage of Sweet Mamita’s version is the frosting on top that made their cupcakes sweeter and yummier. For its price, it’s not a bad idea to delight yourself with their Calamansi cupcake.
Red Indulgence (Php 60)
Rate: 4/5
Red Indulgence (Php 60) – Red Velvet cupcakes is still popular nowadays. To please cupcake lovers, you just give them red velvet cupcakes and they’ll be more than happy. You won’t be disappointed with Sweet Mamita’s version of Red Velvet. Topped with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate, your red velvet cravings will be satisfied for sure.
Sweet Mamita accepts orders for custom/themed cakes or cupcakes for any occasion! Don’t hesitate to call them and inquire. Take advantage of their affordable cupcakes. You’ll never know someday the demand might be too high and their prices may increase. Haha! 😉
So go ahead and give Sweet Mamita Home Baked Goodies a try!
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: Better Living Subd., Paranaque City, Manila, Philippines

Contact: +632 7882708 / +63 917 8885362 / +63 932 8885362
E-mail: [email protected]
Budget: PHP50++

Originality 8/10
Packaging 8/10
Taste 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.5/10