The most dramatic part of every vacation is this… the last day. Leaving Bacolod made us all feel gloomy. It came to our realization that we were all going back to reality, back to Manila. Time flies so fast when you are enjoying. We felt that 4 days of vacation were equivalent to just a day.
Before leaving the foodie city of Bacolod, we had to make sure that our stomachs won’t reach Manila without having a bowl of delicious Batchoy and our eco bags filled with pasalubongs for our loved ones in Manila.
Special Batchoy (Php 80) – We chose to visit 21 to try Bacolod’s famous Batchoy. There were about 3 branches of 21 near our place, which makes it less hassle for us and save travel time. If only I had the time to go to Iloilo, I would want to try Batchoy there since La Paz Batchoy originally came from La Paz, Iloilo. Everyone I know who visited 21 loves their Special Batchoy which is composed of thick noodles (miki), pork-based soup, strips of liver, vegetables and the deadly pork chicharon.
Beef Steak Filipino 
Napoleones – The pride of Bacolod when it comes to desserts. Never ever leave the city without taking at least a box of Napoleones with you. Since we were already at Lacson St., we didn’t miss the chance to pass by Pendy’s (the ultimate Pasalubong store) and order boxes of Napoleones for our loved ones in Manila. You don’t automatically get your box once you order. Most of the time, you have to order in advance and pick up your boxes after 3-4 hours. In our case, we were there for Masskara wherein tourists were abundant. Pendy’s was busy with customers and most of the customers were there for their Half Moon and Napoleones.
What we did is we went to Pendy’s in the morning during our last day in Bacolod. We ordered in advance so at least we can pick up our Napoleones before heading to the airport.
One of the reasons why I was excited to go home was because of the boxes of Napoleones and pasalubong I bought for my loved ones. My love language of giving gifts becomes visible when I travel. I really enjoy shopping and bringing home ‘pasalubong’ for those I care, especially my family. I sometimes overspend because of this. Hehe. I forget my limit when I buy pasalubong, specifically food, for them.
Ordering boxes of Napoleones was worth my trip to Bacolod! My family didn’t only love it but I did as well. I actually thought I should have ordered more. Haha! Napoleones is one dessert I can have in the fridge forever. The mellow custard cream was irresistible. Whenever I open the fridge and see a box of Napoleones, I couldn’t control my hands from getting one.
Pendy’s sell other delicacies from Bacolod and Iloilo as well. I bought butterscotch, candies, various tarts (cheese, caramel, mango), pastillas and more. More like a convenience store for all pasalubong and sweet treats you need.
The group stayed at East View Hotel, an affordable, neat and pleasant hotel. Kudos to Nicole for choosing this hotel for us. Even though we booked only 3 months before Masskara Festival, we were still able to get a room in a hotel like this.
Overall, our Bacolod trip can be defined as this – “eat, sleep, eat, repeat”
The entire trip was packed with food! I love how everything’s consistently cheap and delicious. The Food Scout approves of this city! If given the chance, I will go back to Bacolod to…E-A-T! 🙂
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout


Location: 25th corner Lacson St., Bacolod City, Philippines
21 Cafe
Location: G/F Go Hotels, Lacson St., Bacolod City, Philippines
21 Restaurant
Location: 21st corner Lacson St., Bacolod City, Philippines