How do you define comfort food?
For some of us, comfort food is equivalent to something fatty, greasy, unhealthy and certainly yummy. Here in the Philippines, I have observed that Filipinos call for fast-food delivery when they are craving for their comfort food. At times, Filipinos also head to the nearest food chain that serves their favorite burgers or chicken wings. Speaking of chicken wings, do you agree with me that chicken wings is one of the favorite comfort foods nowadays? I often get some questions from blog readers, asking me where is the best ‘wings’ place in the Philippines for me?
I couldn’t answer where is the best at this moment. In the meantime, I would want to give you an idea on where to go if ‘chicken wings’ is your comfort food fancy for the day.
Introducing the newest Chicken Wings place in the metro, Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings at City Golf Plaza, Pasig City.
Frankie’s Classic Buffalo
Rate: 5/5

Among the 4 flavors I tasted, this is my favorite from Frankie’s. Eating Frankie’s Classic Buffalo wings after a day of work is a way to fulfill your stomach and treat yourself. I have no complains with its spice level. Frankie’s know the taste of Filipinos. The coating is not extremely spicy, which you can still taste the flavors of its buffalo wings. The wings itself are not anorexic! Great value for the money.

Garlic Parmesan
Rate: 4/5
2nd favorite! I love how parmesan and garlic complete the package. This flavor shows you don’t need to add to much spices and flavoring to enjoy a basket of chicken wings. Although the garlic didn’t make a strong smash into the wings, I would still get my hands into these wings.
If you are worried of getting dirty hands, this flavor won’t let you. Less messy than Frankie’s classic buffalo wings.
Hickory BBQ
Rate: 4/5
For those who can’t take the spiciness of buffalo wings, I think they will get their hands dirty on these barbecue glazed wings. I am a fan of bbq sauce. Did I tell you this personal fact before? Oh well, I wouldn’t mind if I did. Any piece of meat with bbq sauce sounds amazing. Frankie’s Hickory BBQ wings is definitely not the best I’ve tasted but I would go back for this basket of wings. The price is right and I would say this is such a comfort food for me. Similar to how McDonald’s chicken nuggets plus BBQ sauce can satisfy me, which is why it is part of my comfort food list.
Frankie’s Special
Rate: 3/5
Unfortunately, I would not dare to put these wings in my mouth again. I was disappointed with how extremely oily these wings are. After a small bite, I already felt like gargling a teaspoon of oil in my mouth. The batter made the chicken wings crispy and crunchy yet I didn’t mind those anymore since I was distracted by how I gargled its oil. Even though I didn’t fancy this flavor, this doesn’t stop me from going back to Frankie’s.
BBQ Chicken Burger (Php 180)
Rate: 4/5

Since they used the same bbq sauce as the Hickory BBQ wings, I would say I love their chicken burger. I just thought it would improve if they use another kind of bun, that wouldn’t get soft easily and soak all the sauce inside.

Chicken Stroganoff (Php 175)
Rate: 2/5
I don’t expect a wings place to serve incredible pasta plates. So I didn’t dig their pasta too much and concentrated on the wings instead.
A table for 2! Yes, you heard that right. 2 people ‘gently’ ate but not finished these dishes.
New York Cheesecake (Php 120)
Rate: 4/5
Better order a slice of dessert after filling your taste-buds with chicken wings. I like the classic and rich taste of their New York Cheesecake. Not a bad deal for its price. Although when it comes to presentation, it would seem better if the sides look smoother.
What do you think of their menu? Comfortable and affordable for me.
From its interiors, you’d know they serve buffalo wings. They brought in the New York vibe with their simple rugged interiors. It’s a casual and simple room to bring in your friends to get your hands dirty on the wings. No need to dress-up as Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings defines comfort through their comfort food.
Guess what, you can play foosball while waiting for your food. Just please be careful and don’t lose the ball.
My foodie buddy that night who helped me finish all those wings from Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout 

Location: G/F City Golf Plaza, Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines

Contact: (+632) 227-3233
Facebook page:
Budget: PHP200++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.5/10