I couldn’t say NO to sweets. Place a piece of cupcake in front of me and I wouldn’t think twice tucking them in between my tummy. My sister is a witness to that. Each time I receive boxes of goodies at home, cupcakes in particular, I get thrilled to open it up, take a photo, share and chomp those cute cupcakes with my sister.
A sweet delivery arrived to my house one afternoon, and you know what they are…cupcakes! I ran to the kitchen to check them out. After reading through the menu and description, I suddenly stopped and looked at my sister, faced down with a gloomy face and said, “I’m sorry Reine, you can’t have them.” Let me tell you why….
Warning: These cupcakes are not suitable for minors. Ask permission from your parents before consuming one. 🙂
HIC or Happiness In Cupcakes may look like those ordinary cupcakes, but seriously and literally, they aren’t. These are not the cupcakes you can get from your mom’s kitchen, ready to eat. Some of these cupcakes are fused with known alcoholic drinks like Bailey’s, Tequila, Kahlua, and more. In short, I would recommend these cupcakes for adults only. Kids, not for now. 🙂 
Although as you taste the cupcakes, you would wonder where the alcohol is? It’s not that distinct actually. But then, you would still taste the kick of its alcoholic ingredient as you finish one piece of cupcake. 
The Elvis – Inspired by Elvis Presley’s favorite food, the classic deep-fried peanut butter banana bacon sandwich. This is HIC’s take by making their cupcake frosting smell and taste like bacon and peanut butter. NO alcohol used. Kids may try this one! 
Mojito – Lime and mint combined to come up with a Mojito flavored cupcake. Bacardi rum mixed to add the alcoholic kick in it. Check your dose of this cupcake to be sure you won’t get kicked of the room. 🙂 
Car Bombs – The way to describe this cupcake is this, “A Cerveza Negra-moistened chocolate sensation topped with smooth and creamy Bailey’s Irish Buttercream frosting, all while concealing a Johnnie Walker-laced dark chocolate ganache.” From top to bottom, this piece of cupcake is filled with intoxicating ingredient that can either make you addicted to the yummy cupcake taste or the ingredients used. Thus, let someone watch out for you especially if you get more than a piece. 🙂 
Margarita – From its name, what drink do you remember? It looks simple but the taste can mob your taste-buds with strong citrus flavors sprinkled and injected inside one cup. Oh, and an itsy-bitsy taste of salt to complete this Margarita cupcake. The type you could grab if you’re more into citrus more than strong sweet flavors. 
Red Hot Choco Peppers – A favorite of mine. Deep and dark chocolate cupcake spiked with hot chili flakes on top. Kahlua used for the chocolate ganache part. By looking at the chili flakes on top, you would think it’s spiciness cannot be handled. For me, I like how the chili flakes balanced the semi-sweet chocolate ganache cake.
Food For The Gods – I made a mistake to eat this piece after putting inside the fridge. To enjoy the moist of its cake, store in a cool area, not inside the fridge, before eating. Although I did enjoy it in a way, with Dubai dates and walnuts in every little bite. Topped with a blob of light vanilla buttercream, I could say this can also be enjoyed by little children. NO alcohol used, FYI. 

Eat responsibly 🙂 Happiness In Cupcakes may get you hooked to its wild flavors. 
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Contact: (+632) 917-5362770 
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Happiness.In.Cupcakes
Budget: PHP650/dozen; PHP350/half dozen
Rate: 7.5/10