I don’t remember the first time I’ve tried Fruits in Ice Cream or FIC. As far as I can remember, I was still in high school when I first held my scoop and cup of FIC. That time I had a my first scoop, I figured this brand would stick to my head as one of my favorites. I couldn’t have one favorite ice cream brand since I’m an ice cream addict or monster in other terms. The moment I received the message from FIC that they’ll be sending me over their new line of ice cream flavors, I jumped for joy! Oh yes, that child in me jumped high for my favorite dessert, Ice cream! 🙂 
3 New flavors of Vermont Classic Frozen Custard: French Vanilla, Brownie Batter and Cheesecake.
When you see pints of frozen desserts like these, automatically you’d think they’re ice cream. I found out recently that they are not simply pints of ice cream. Frozen Custard is a combination of the usuals, sugar and cream. But this time, with additional eggs to improve its texture. 
Given these toppings, I didn’t know where to start. I just want to pile them all up and make one halo-halo. Haha! I guess FIC read my mind, which is why they included a recipe card as part of the package. 
My sister and I teamed up to make our delicious cups of FIC Frozen Custard
First on the list was Honey Almond. We mixed up a scoop of French Vanilla, a spoon of silvered almonds and poured a small amount of honey on top. A plain jane may prefer the classic mixture of French Vanilla ice cream. The thick and creamy texture leaves a strong mark already. Adding those toppings could be decorative, especially if you’re after that.
Hazelnut Malt, a serious flavor that could tear up your diet plan. Maltesers plus hazelnut wafer on a scoop of Brownie Batter. That is what you call handsome. May be not tall, but it is dark and handsome to the mouth. 
It takes hours to bake a cheesecake. Why bother if you can get the same flavor of Frozen Custard? Get the same goodness of cheesecake as you get a scoop of Cheesecake Frozen Custard with blueberries on top and crushed grahams as its base. This Blueberry Cheesecake flavor is one classic recipe you can try easily. 
Vermont Classic Frozen Custard flavors are NOW available in Lulubelle outlets. Either at Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center or Makati Medical Center, both in Makati. 
Go on and get a lip-smacking scoop of FIC! 🙂 

Oh yes, The Food Scout loves Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC)! <3 
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout