With the variety of restaurant choices in the Fort area, you cannot help but be puzzled on where to dine in with your friends. You end up in places where the crowd usually goes. As for me, I prefer places that are not a crowd favorite. Places that are more private, away from the busy streets of the Fort area. Finding out that there’s a fine looking restaurant in Fort that is not part of the mainstream, I started to become curious and interested in visiting the place. Organized by OpenRice, I joined the group to check out what’s different from this new restaurant called Harvest Gastro Pub
After a heavy and loaded day at work, it feels good to simply dine and wine with some friends. Harvest Gastro Pub is one option for you, most especially if you’re already in the area.

Fish Parmmiggianna (Php 220) – When the plate was served, my eyes glanced on the pesto rice, not on the fish with gooey cheese and tomato sauce on top. I find it classy whenever pesto is used in different ways. The use of pesto on this rice made the Fish Parmiggianna taste better than what I tasted in other restaurants. Maybe if they didn’t use pesto rice, I would treat this dish just like the others I’ve tried. 
The thick mozzarella cheese was so rich, as well as the tomato sauce combined with it. 
Steak and Fries (Php 275) – We all loved their steak and fries! Served as an appetizer although I strongly believe men would prefer eating steak with rice, except the fries. Just a few amount of sauce, which is right. Or else, the meat might taste too salty or gravy-like. 

Buffalo WIngs (Php 210)
Laing Shrimps Kesong Puti (Php 395) – Highly recommended from Harvest Gastro Pub. Now that you are reading this post, keep in mind that you have to order their Laing Shrimps Kesong Puti pizza! The owner, who is from Bicol, wanted to innovate the way of eating Laing. Since laing is a favorite from Bicol and pizza is a finger-food favorite, the idea of coming up with this recipe is now on the menu of Harvest. He also added that this is a wake-boarding type of food. In CamSur, those who wake-boards would always need to eat something easy to grab and shoot in their mouths. Hence, Laing pizza is the way to go! 
Brick-Oven Lechon Belly (Php 240/regular; Php 395/sharing) 
Greek Style Baked Salmon (Php 350) – I’m a Salmon freak but I didn’t get much of their Salmon. I was focusing more on their Laing Pizza I guess. hehe. 
Steak Bulgogi (Php 350) – To eat this Korean-inspired dish, slices of ribeye steak should be wrapped using lettuce strips. Make use of the 5 Korean side dishes and sauces such as chili paste, kimchi, Korean steak sauce, spiced togue, to add some spice and flavor to the steak bulgogi wrap. Considering it as a modern Korean dish. An option if you are wanting some Korean flavor for your meal. 
In love with their Strawberry Shake. It was ‘love at first sight’ upon serving the shocking red strawberry shake to me. It doesn’t only look gooood but seriously taste purely fresh and juicy. Generous amount on strawberry slices on my shake, which I adored. 
Harvest serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

It’s strategic location may be convenient for you if you happen to work in Fort or Makati. Based on observation, it is like an after-work gastro pub for professionals. Consider Harvest Gastro Pub as one of those places to chill after a long busy day at work.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: Grand Hampton Tower 2, 31st St. cor 1st Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Budget: PHP350++ 
Rate: 8/10