Continuation of our family’s Macau trip…
At the Portuguese Colonial area
Macau became a colony of the Portuguese for more than 100 years. The culture, food and architecture are evidences of how the Portuguese influenced them. 
Nothing special in this area. More like a shopping and eating hub for me. Tourists all over the place, taking photos and roaming around the European-like plaza. This is where you can find cheaper food and items. Because in Macau, you really have to splurge. Almost everything’s expensive! The good side of it, you will get to appreciate the Philippines even more when you try visiting Macau.

Ruins of St. Paul
Standing in front of one of Macau’s most famous landmarks. The Cathedral of St. Paul or Ruins of St. Paul was built from 1582 to 1602 by the Jesuits. It was popular back then because it was known as the largest Catholic church in Asia. More than a century ago, the cathedral was destroyed by nature, caused by fire during a typhoon.
From the name itself, the cathedral is already ruined. What’s special about this sight is the stone facade. I believe every tourist of Macau should have a photo like this. It’s one historical sight.

Our typical family problem whenever we travel – who will take our family photo? 😐 Mom and I screened every person beside us, checking if they’re nice enough to take our photo. After minutes of screening, we asked a stranger to take our family photo. Hmmm, this is it, I need a tripod! 
Macau Tower. I knew it, mom wouldn’t allow me to bungee jump 🙁 She couldn’t afford to see me jump off that tower. Hayyy, I must obey and honor my mom’s decision. Oh well, there’s always a next time! I hope my future partner will be game to do this kind of adventure. So he can plead to my mom and allow me. Haha! 
After our downtown afternoon, we headed back to our hotel. No, not in Galaxy Hotel anymore. Mom wanted to hotel hop so she chose the favorite hotel of gamers. Hello to our second hotel, The Venetian, Macau. 🙂
Our room in Venetian was bigger than Galaxy Hotel’s rooms yet I still prefer the style and elegance of Galaxy Hotel. 
First half of the bathroom..
Second half of the bathroom. 

Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout