I never felt disheartened about getting a year older. I don’t understand why people hide their age, even at their 20s. They seem to feel old year after year. Whenever I ask about someone’s age, the common response is being shy about giving their 2-digit age.
For me, each birthday is a wonderful blessing from our Heavenly Father. It must be celebrated! It doesn’t have to be “bongga” or glamorous. The important part here is to celebrate your birthday with the special people in your life. 
My birthday is on January 23. This 2012, the date fell on a Monday, simultaneous with Chinese New Year. Last January 22 (Sunday), my family gave me a cute and funny birthweek (our other term for birthday) jumpstart. They blindfolded me in the car and told me it is the start of my birthweek surprise. Daydreams and imaginations ran through my mind while blindfolded. No clue at all on where they would bring me. All I could see was black. Until finally, the car stopped. Slowly stepped down the car since I was blindfolded and was in sky-high heels. Mom held my hand, hugged me tight and guided the way. The noisy background sound came to my surprise because it was not what I had in mind. No, we weren’t in a hotel, which I expected. After walking for about 2 minutes from the car, we arrived the real destination. Blindfold was removed and instantly smiled. The first stop was at theater of Resort’s World to watch Sound of Music, my ultimate childhood favorite! 
No pictures of the play since it was not allowed. I was a chicken to attempt because they might confiscate my baby (camera).
*Fact: I’ve seen Sound of Music for more than 100x!
Immediately after the play, they brought me to Marriott Hotel for my birthday countdown. 
Deep Fried Brie Cheese (Php 480) – My plate of brie cheese, strawberry jam plus farmer’s bread completed me already. Adding strawberry jam to brie cheese satisfied my taste cravings. Brie cheese as an appetizer is a better choice for me, than mozzarella cheese that is extremely cheese. Marmalade jam can also be an option to replace strawberry jam in case you want to improvise a similar dish on your own.

Asian Selection (Php 680) included chicken satay, shrimp cake, fried vegetable spring rolls and its sauces.
Parents loved the chicken satay, especially the peanut sauce. Dad couldn’t stop getting and dip in its unexplainable addictive sauce.

Sesame Chicken Lollipop Wings (Php 380) – Sambal-tamarind glazed chicken lollipops with bleu cheese that was made from scratch on the side.
Shrimps and Chips (Php 470) – Midnight snack that is matching while you sit on a couch and watch TV. Delighted to munch on its crunchy and juicy texture. Fried sesame tiger prawns taste better with its wasabi mayonnaise dip.
Waiting for January 23 in this modern and chic lounge was not what I expected. I appreciate my family so much for giving all their best just to make me feel on cloud 9 every birthday celebration I have. 
The love of God and my family cannot be replaced by anyone. The unconditional and infinity love I get from them give me the courage and strength to do what I am doing now. Now I am 21, nothing will totally change, only improvements. I know there are more challenges waiting for me out there. If it’s just me, alone in that battle, I know I couldn’t. But with God, I know I can. Besides, it is His battle. That’s His promise! 🙂
Thrilled to be 21 and the adventures that go along with this age! 
Pray, Eat and Love.

The Food Scout