2 days before 2012, the family, including our trusted helper Ate Josie, took the plane to the Fine City, Singapore.
Our flight was scheduled at 6:00 in the morning. Since that was too early for me to handle, I decided not to sleep anymore and wait until 2:00am to prepare and go straight to NAIA. We were already at the airport by 3:00am (excited and on time). While waiting, mom and I stayed in Mabuhay Lounge for snacks. At around 4:00am, my eyes were already feeling weak and wanted to fall down. I didn’t mind who were there, I really had to sleep. To cut to the chase, after about 3 hours of flight, we arrived Singapore smoothly and safely. 
Just woke up from my 5-hour sleep, in the airport and in the plane. 

My Singapore companions for 4 days.
I love our hoop-shaped hotel, Holiday Inn. That’s the view from the ground floor. No spaces in between. The tiny capsules you can see are glass elevators.

After checking-in, we rushed and went out to Orchard Road, looked for a place to have lunch. 
In one of the malls in Orchard Road, we found a busy food court that smelled like Chinese/Singaporean food. 
Xiao Long Bao, the only food I was able to take a photo of. The lady from the food court stopped me from taking photos (I don’t know why!) 😐 

While walking along the long road of Orchard, we found this famous Milk Tea spot, Gong Cha! My sister and I were both excited to try Gong Cha in Singapore, even though we already tried this milk tea brand in Manila.
Ordering made easy for us since one of the saleslady was Filipino. Upon ordering, I made chika and told them that there is a branch of Gong Cha in the Philippines.

She ordered Honey Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly for both of us. Right choice to refresh us on a hot weather.
On the first day, I made sure I would go to the grocery store to get my pack of Yakult. This is a must-have in my fridge. So happy that Singapore has Yakult in different flavors. I wish they would do the same in the Philippines! 
Stay tuned for more of my Singapore adventure.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout