What is wealth if health is taken for granted? 
I am an advocate for giving value to health. That means, watching out on what you eat is part of it. I can only name a few restaurants in the country that would really value health more than anything else. Surprisingly in the busy streets of Makati, I found one restaurant that advocates for healthy yet delicious foods that customers will enjoy.
Faburrito, a new restaurant in Makati, assures that every meal you order is always guilt-free. According to the owner Earl Chua, the main priority of Faburrito is to make customers feel good each time they eat in this lofty restaurant in Makati. Sounds vague since every restaurant would want their customers to feel good right? But when he identified to me the details of how he runs the restaurant, I, as the customer, felt good that my Faburrito food is in good hands. One of the main points he identified is the fact that they maintain quality in their ingredients used, like the meat (beef, pork, chicken). Earl is the one who spends time to scrutinize what type of meat to use. His motive is to show Filipinos that eating healthy is delicious after all.
Earl kept me and my friends company the entire time in Faburrito. Part of that is accompanying us on how to order in this healthy Mexican restaurant.
Step 1: Fall in line and place your order. Choose the type of meat you want for your Burrito. This is not the restaurant wherein get a seat, raise your arms and call the waiter. I remembered Subway-style in ordering here. 
Step 2: Pick your add-ons. As you can see, your Burrito is always freshly made in front of you. No need to worry about how the chefs prepare your dishes or being scared of some falling hair on your meal. (Eeww!) 

Step 3: Choose your dressing – Balsamic, Yogurt, Mango or Pineapple. 

Step 4: Eating time! Burrito with Mango BBQ Chicken (Php 270) – Its BBQ chicken definitely added extra flavor, which I really loved. It was sweet and spicy at the same time. Well, spicy because of the Pineapple dressing I chose. Something different for a burrito if you ask me. Oh and the rice they use is always Brown Rice, healthy of course. Big serving of faBurrito is reasonable for its price. My friends and I shared a burrito and had some take home. 🙂 
Bowl with Mango BBQ Chicken (Php 270) – If you are scared of eating a Burrito for your first date, don’t be! This is the tidy way of eating a burrito – order a Burrito Bowl. Use your spoon and fork and impress your date by eating a burrito in the cleanest way as you can. Same taste, same ingredients and same price as the usual burrito, only it’s in a bowl. 
Tacos with Cajun Beef (Php 285) – The tacos were delicious primarily because of its dressing. That was the first thing I noticed after my first bite. It may look like a salad from your view but when you taste it, you’ll instantly feel all the fresh meat, beef in my case, on your mouth, packed inside the soft tacos. Take note, this may be a little messy when you eat. So I suggest you ask for more tissue upon ordering. 

Fruit Green Tea (Php 70)

Mint Green Tea (Php 50)

Eat good and feel good in Faburrito! While eating in Faburrito, I literally felt good when I heard my favorite Christian (Hillsong) songs playing. 

Cute hand-written piece of artwork illustrating the characteristics of Faburrito food. 

Thank you to my friends who accompanied me this time, Carlo and Bea! 🙂 You guys made my dining experience more ‘fab’.
Love this lady right here! <3 
Thank you Earl for a FAB mexican experience. If you plan to visit Faburrito, he would most likely be there on the 2nd floor, using his laptop and making sure that everything is in order. Don’t be shy to say Hi! I’m sure he would love to entertain you. 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 108-B G/F Columns Ayala Ave., Makati City
Budget: PHP300++
Rate: 8/10