What’s up with Milk Teas? Why are they so famous nowadays? You probably had those questions in mind or you may have asked them already to your peers. If you ask me that, this is what I’ll say – Well, if coffee is addictive for you, Milk Tea is highly addictive for me.
Since college, I was already a tea fan. FYI: I didn’t join the milk tea craze just now. With or without milk on my tea, I make sure I take my daily dose of it. In the morning or after lunch, I choose to get a glass of cold milk tea. Then at night, as I relax in my room, I prefer getting a cup of hot ginger, mint or any kind of tea. On the other hand, I cannot create the perfect milk tea at home. Adding milk on my homemade tea is not enough to taste like the ones I buy from milk tea places like Chatime, Serenitea and the like. Due to that, visiting milk tea places is a norm for me.
Not lucky but blessed to have some foodie friends. I was introduced to TeaTap Cafe, a new ‘tambayan’ [Tambayan – place to hangout] just around the area, San Juan. 
Osaka Black Milk Tea (Php 95)
Strong yet sweet. According to the lady at the counter, this one is their “best-seller”. When I order milk tea, I don’t usually eliminate the factor of sweetness. This time, I encountered a slightly strong taste of tea but still with some sweetness in its taste. I began to like it actually. It didn’t give me a bitter impression. I like it! 
Takoyaki (Php 100)
The veggies inside the Takoyaki balls weren’t that obvious as you take a bite. For kids who don’t eat vegetables, this is a good snack to let your children have some hidden veggies in their bodies. Served fresh and hot, which I loved. There was a semi-sweet blend of sauce that fit the spice-less taste of the Takoyaki balls. Munch on some Takoyaki while you’re studying or hanging out at TeaTap Cafe.
I wanted to take home that cute big-eyed cat! In a way, I remember my favorite Puss In Boots because of the eyes. 

It’s play time! I feel like a child at TeaTap Cafe

Label: “Feed money only!” What a greedy cat! Hahaha! 

As you enter TeaTap Cafe, you will be welcomed by this artistic area. I really felt I was in a children’s bedroom by looking at the designs around the place – framed cartoons, graphic designs. Oh, and don’t be fooled by the fake grass carpet. 🙂

Free Wi-Fi, which means you can bring your laptop and enjoy the cozy ambiance. 

This photo was taken the second time I visited TeaTap. This time, I tried their Hokkaido Black Milk Tea (Php 95).

Keep Calm and Drink Tea – In short, CHILL 😉 

If you enjoyed TeaTap’s services, be generous enough and give some coins to this cute cat inside the Tip Bin. Just tap it with any coin, and the sneaky cat will grab it right away.

Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: P. Guevarra cor. Wilson St., San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: http://www.teatapcafe.com/

Budget: Php100++

Food 8/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.5/10