Time check: It was only before 12nn when I arrived Fever Lounge for the Private Degustation event. Thought I was late because of the traffic but it appeared that I was the first blogger to arrive (excited masyado!). So while waiting for the others, and for the food to be served, I did my job to ‘document’ by taking photos of the place – Fever Luxe Lounge. 
FYI, Fever Luxe Lounge is not only a place to drink and dance but also a wonderful place to dine and eat with friends. Let me share with you my superb dining experience at Fever. 

While I was inside, I felt like it was already 8 in the evening because of the set-up and ambiance inside. Just look at the tables that lightened up the area. Seeing those tables set-up sizzled my appetite. I was so animated to have my plate on those cool lighted tables.

I can imagine myself having cocktails with my friends in that area.

Ooh chandeliers, I just really love how classy they are.

The bar

While waiting for the main event to start, I was given a glass of Mango-Lychee juice. As I took a sip, what I tasted was pure mango juice. Then after a few seconds, I realized that the lychee was an aftertaste effect. 

The Fever Luxe Lounge and Eventscape people gave us a warm welcome. 🙂 They briefed us on what will be served on our table. At the same time, they also gave a short background about the man behind all the dishes that would be served to us, Chef Jose Luis Gonzales

Cristina Del Carmen, second lady from the left, sat beside me and I had a little chat with her. I loved how we casually talked about various things like food, lifestyle, etc. I admire how poised and proper she was while eating her food. 
Speaking of food, I know you are excited to see what I’ve tried. Well, here it goes…

Appetizers: 3-in-1 plate! The one in the middle is the Caramelized Foie with Mango. Foie is a famous French delicacy made of goose or duck’s liver. Not a fan of liver at all. Although as I tried it with mango, I couldn’t resist taking another bite. Kind of disappointing because I really wanted more of it. Hehe. 

Lemon Yogurt Ravioli with Basil – Unbelievable appetizer, literally speaking! Once you put everything in your mouth, you’ll be shocked with a PLOK. Got the term from Miss Patch, one of the bloggers that night. The lemon yogurt blasted inside my mouth! Haha! FUN FOOD! This dish made everyone giggle and shared laughters together. 

Lobster Salad (Php 880) – Forget about the greens, and focus on the reds! Those red strips are actually FLOWERS. According to Cristina, Chef Jose loves to put flowers on his recipes. And this is just a proof of his creation. His Lobster Salad became more ‘sosyal’ because of the flowers used as one of its main ingredients. 

Mary Jill just had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. This Lamb Tenderloin with confit potato, crispy pineapple and lamb Jus was our main course. It was juicy-licious! Easy to chew as it was cooked perfectly. For guys who can’t live without rice, I suggest you try the lamb alone without rice to taste the richness of its flavor. Combined with the crunchy pineapple, I think Chef Jose deserves a high-five! Haha! 

Pumpkin Cream with Beer Ice Cream (Php 350) – It was like eating soup, since it was served on a soup bowl. Better than expected. When they told us that the next dessert was pumpkin cream, I didn’t know what to expect. Weirded out by the fact that it was pumpkin. So I tried for the sake of trying. After the first taste test, well well well, I loved it! Chef Jose is really consistent in surprising us with his ecstatic dishes. Even though I was full, I really tried to finish it up. That was how delightful I was with this dessert. 

The Surprise Dessert Strawberry and Basil Sherbet with Caramelized Pineapples – brought out the amusement even more. The energy level from 80% moved forward to 110% when the milk was poured over that created bubbles to this dessert. The bubbles was moving non-stop and it was such a beautiful creation! All I could say at that time was “WWOOOOWWW!”. Nakakaloka on how creative Chef Jose is. 

(Photo by David Guison) Meet the master behind all those fantastic meals, Chef Jose Luis Gonzales

With my gorgeous dining-mates. 🙂

With Lissa Kahayon

Couple-couple time. haha kidding! 🙂 Nicole and David (top), Artu and Patch (bottom).

Love team? 😉

After eating, it was photo-shoot time. Haha! It was nice meeting you, Nicole Andersson.

Boom! Love the pose of Nyko. Very natural! 

Dine and enjoy a luxurious night out with your friends at Fever. Spoil yourself once in a while and you won’t regret the experience. If ever you decide to visit Fever, let me know and Tweet me 🙂 
Thank you Fever Luxe Lounge and Eventscape team! 🙂 
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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