Breakfast in Vietnam seemed to be a new kind of adventure for me. Before going to the restaurant inside our hotel, which is Liberty Central, I already had anticipations on how my meal would like. Knowing I was in an unfamiliar country like Vietnam, I imagined my table to be filled with a bowl of hot Pho, plates of fresh and fried spring rolls and all sorts of Vietnamese dishes. 
As I entered the breakfast place and checked out the dishes on the buffet area, I was surprised to see the usual international breakfast food (and lots of foreigners too). The sight of breakfast buffet tables didn’t differ from other restaurants in hotels I’ve been to. I was actually looking forward to eat pure Vietnam food during that morning. Well, despite that, I am still grateful for my wonderful breakfast with my mom. The fact that I was able to travel is already a huge blessing. 🙂
So here it is, a glimpse of how my breakfast turned out on my first morning in Vietnam.

The place looked cozy and neat. Bright and sunny colors cheered up my morning. I really enjoy eating in places that are very lively, using shades of yellow, red and orange. 

My first stop was the bread area. There were enough choices of croissants, muffins, pancakes and other kinds of bread. I got more of the bread slices because I wanted to try their fruit jams (pineapple, orange, strawberry, etc.).

The Vietnamese and Omelet station (2 in 1). Asked for omelet with a mix of cheese, mushroom and tomatoes. Btw, it was the only area that served Vietnamese food. 

The same area consisted of ingredients for their special Pho. They also prepare the Pho in front of you. I chose Chicken Pho because I already had Beef Pho the last night, which is seen in my previous Vietnamese travel post. Extra lime made my Pho even tastier. 

There were 3 types of juice to choose from: Pineapple, Grapefruit and Orange. Pineapple was my favorite. High in fiber and good for digestion! Aside from the self-service juices, I also asked for hot tea after my heavy breakfast meal. 

They contained a mix of continental dishes like sausages, eggs, bacon, Thai noodles, Indian curry, BBQ Chicken, etc. 

I didn’t notice graphic wall art until I asked one of the servers to take my photo with mom. I find the wall really kyoooot (cute) 😉 

The rooftop of our hotel. Too bad I wasn’t able to make use of their swimming pool. 

Right after our breakfast, I spent the rest of the morning walking around Saigon and off to some shopping malls. Say hello again to the number 1 transportation in Vietnam, motorbikes. 

Took this shot before crossing the street to their Greenhills-like shopping area, Saigon Square.

Have you tried shopping in Vietnam?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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